Mini episodes

The adventure begins

How many ears does an orc have?

Our companions having wandered into foreign lands, after passing through a portal found themselves at the White Dragon Inn, a fortified in at the junction of four demi human settlements. While enjoying drinks they found an adventurer’s post alerting them to a bounty on orc ears, specifically from the Lake Co sa region.

Feeling confident in their abilities they set out to the north and came across an orc patrol, the battle seemed to be going in their favor until two of the orcs struck lucky blows nearly killing the pair.

Awakening later, they were glad to be alive, but dismayed to find themselves in a cage with a handful of other individuals in the center of the orc encampment. They could see that the area was being clear cut and the beginnings of a fortress were being erected, as well as an altar to Gruumsh. Their equipment gone, they did not despair, when night came



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